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About the show


One Word One Hour is a San Diego based podcast and we are on a mission to answer the most thought-provoking questions life has to offer. Every episode we invite a new guest on the show to share their stories and ideas on one topic. The only rule is that we must last a full hour. The primary focus is to share stories, open new ways of thinking and have in-depth conversations with questioners of the world.


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Creator and Host, Faisal Imami

Faisal comes from a family of immigrants and refugees which led him to discover the power of storytelling at a young age. Growing up, Faisal found a huge amount of inspiration from his parents just by asking to hear their life stories. Just like that, he got the bug and began to ask the same question to everyone he encountered.

We all know that every story has a central theme or takeaway and that's where Faisal's curiosity strikes him the most. He ponders on the idea of taking that one central theme and seeing how it translates into people's lives.

Faisal believes that one story has the potential to change the lives of millions so he decided to embark on a journey of giving those stories a platform of their own.

With every story comes a great lesson.
— Faisal Imami