Faisal Imami sits down with Eric Duffert to discuss the topic of momentum. Duff is a fellow podcaster and co-hosts the TOL Podcast with Josiah Cafiero. Duff discusses what it was like hitting rock bottom and how he uses that experience to continuously find a way to guide his momentum in a positive manner. Throughout the episode, Faisal and Duff dive into the importance of using momentum in a way to battle through any difficulty that may arise.


Faisal Imami sits down with Manny Lopez to discuss the topic of sacrifice. Born to a family of immigrants, Manny shares his inspiring life story and the countless sacrifices he watched his parents make to give him the opportunity of a lifetime. From being a troubled student to graduating college with law school on the horizon, Manny shares all the experiences that helped him get to this point in his life. This episode is truly an honest and heartwarming conversation meant to inspire.


Faisal Imami sits down with Josiah Cafiero to discuss their thoughts on the topic of multipotentialism. Josiah is a fellow podcaster and co-hosts the TOL Podcast which is a conversational podcast with guests and topics ranging from lifestyle, pop culture, music and more. Faisal and Josiah get into a raw discussion about how there is no limit to what can be done especially with the millennial generation.


Faisal Imami sits down with Ronnell Cuison to discuss their thoughts on the topic of legacy. Counting down the days to college graduation, Ronnell shares some of the things he's learned along the way that have helped him close a chapter he is proud of. It started with his experience abroad in Macau where he began to think heavily about the word legacy and its meaning. We explore how his time spent there helped him redefine the word and the fresh perspective it brought him upon his return.


Faisal Imami sits down with Aqui Sanchez and Juju to discuss the topic of expectations. Aqui is a true entrepreneur at heart combining his love for music with business and Juju is an artist creating sounds deeply rooted with his own style of compelling emotions. These two guys are on a mission to bring San Diego a new music venue experience and show under the name of No Expectations. Their first show is set to take place on Friday, April 5th and we got the inside scoop to hear all about.


Faisal Imami sits down with Evyn Del Rosario to discuss their thoughts and ideas on the topic of mistakes. Don't be fooled, Faisal and Evyn share the mistakes they've made in their lives including some of the funny situations they found themselves in. Let's face it, mistakes are inevitable and with every mistake, comes a great lesson. These guys know that and dive into it without any hesitations.